Chlorella algae are known for their wide range of valuable ingredients and contain a lot of vitamin B12. Our AQUAFLOR Chlorella Tablets are "Made in Germany" and are made of 100% chlorella powder. They are free of additives and also ideal for vegetarians and vegans as well as sportspeople and seniors. Chlorella Tablets can also be crushed and can be mixed with smoothies, quark dishes, yoghurt, salads or muesli. Or try soups and stews with Chlorella!

Are you wondering how much Chlorella Tablets to take a day? Our recommendation for the dose: Take 4 tablets 1 x daily and 3 tablets 1 x daily before or during meals with plenty of water. The recommended daily intake is not allowed to be exceeded. Nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet.

AQUAFLOR Chlorella Tablets 300 g = 1000 Tablets
Chlorella Tablets 300 g = 1000 Tablets
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