Product information

AQUAFLOR includes an attractive care system, consisting of a comprehensive algae cosmetics and dietary supplements, which perfectly combines the natural potential of the algae Spirulina platensis and Ascophylum nodosum in the sense of a holistic care.

The algae extracts are developed and produced in the IGV GmbH.

Spirulina naturally supports and activates the body's own metabolism. It contains a wide range of physiologically valuable ingredients such as protein, essential and non-essential fatty acids, minerals and trace elements, vitamins and fats.

It has a skin-conditioning and nourishing effect, has cell-activating and stimulating effects. This effect is complemented with the moisturizing, skin-protecting, building and regenerating properties of the alga Ascophyllum nodosum.

The result: beautiful and vital skin, hair and nails as an expression of your inner well-being through Aquaflor care and nutritional supplements.

The product Aquaflor Spirulina Pastilles was awarded the NEM Control brand by the NEM eV (Association of Medium-Sized European Manufacturers and Distributors of Nutritional Supplements and Health Products), a quality logo for approved dietary supplements.


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